Invincible Against Mocking ( My Story)

Disrespecting Bullying Making Faces Calling Names Assigning Defaming names Such as Madman Honda Item Man and Disrespecting Stoning Dishonoring views filtered Listening Stereotyping and separating from the society is known as Mocking.

I have to face mocking after Migration from my previous city. Initially I was socially marginalized by blocking sound communication with me..I was defamed socially by propagating that I am abnormal mentally and I never make a sense. So I had to face abuse from opposite sex as well they started playing with my feelings and Socially I started facing mocking as well.

Initially at school level I was mocked by fellows and they used to degrade me that I can’t prosper in life. At school level I was humiliated and disrespected. I still managed to perform well in studies. I was mocked by group of fellows by calling defaming names such as insane insane insane …….I was stoned as well despite of performing well in studies I was degraded by propagating he is insane and he can’t survive in life.

I was degraded and socially bullied as well so that i attempted many times suicide as well but God saved me every time. perhaps He wanted to keep me alive.

I even faced Discrimination Bias Bullying Stereotyping and physical assault in previous Jobs. I have to face women bias in Gender sensitive organization as equal opportunity employer.

But now I again have to deal mocking by Children after propagation that I am insane and madman. Such Defamation again and again have made me invincible against mocking. An invincible hard rock resistant force and committed professional dealing with mocking.
But it is reality The way radical people robe minority groups as if they are robbing transsexuals but they are marginalising them to stunted sexual growth and mental development endangering their avenging generations by malfunctioning their reproduction…

They had robbed the single rag not only nakeding him but they have naked the entire world just nobody clothed him and now radical apathy against him has turned worlds empathy towards him and worlds apathy towards radicalims…

I don’t avoid social activeness but now I have developed nature like this.

I am dealing Mocking from Children and I am invincible against bullying and mocking

Well in redical environment even technically sound but aesthetically disoriented person can never survive his life althought his insight is sound but still subtle for people child stone him and canal drown him….but mind blowing supervision record ….well honestly its a case study whose supervision and academic performance contradict the Subtle and retard claims just he was pushed in a redical and low level of realism perception and low standard of living villagers….

Sometimes I might have presented my insight for Canal Drown People….

Flashback of Satellites will confirm insight and sometimes we need a radiant person for redical change as narrow mind or underdeveloped minds will stigmatise you being trash as Something that doesn’t kill you make you stronger only a radiant person can web resistants in impasse situation….

By birth special people can never be biologically regenerated being by birh born with such Anatomy but psychedelic or injury prone people can be technologically connected to normal world…..with artificial intelligence..
By birth impaired people mental developmental capacity define how much they can be brought in life and what should be their life style…Note inheritance is in Genes and offsprings in sperms….Impairment is Anatomical and not Genetic….normal genes will be transferred just Guard his assests he lack sense and sexual education that is a new field of study to save many potential male and females from embarrassment…..well Its my Insight…My real reasoning…
Although I seem like a Blind bat from aesthetic senses and a Chimpanzee from body language but it is actually motor skills abnormality because of brain injury A Leopard from athleticism and
An Autistic Goat from closed mind Merman from sex pattern and a Dog to perceive invisible forces kindhearted or soft hearted like sparrows Melodious like Cuckoo but overall an human being..

I can change world’s mind regarding my reality when my reasoning has been proven valid and I am resilient as well but when The world can call me as valid genius why I am being treated as madman

I am in a state i am paying the price for competing normal people or transferring such sound views these are being treated as lies when its validity is being treated as lie and even science proves me valid and I am not psycho patient I am precisely intuitive I am not jack ass My personality test shows a different picture to the world You need paper pages to write I need electronic brain connection I acquire by intuition you acquire by reading books and my acquiring is consistent with todays scientific direction Nobody else can prove presence of angels in Cameras and nobody else can curse to that extent as Tsunami drowning or Sun getting closer to earth I am talking to Universe now it is reality Whenever I get a soulless lunatic infect My soul starts counting on people at whatever stage they oppressed me lunar is making antagonists or opposing people lunatic Uncivilized people tease me like a madman because their level of perception is too low to understand what exactly I am trying to say and it is only reason I am not getting a feasible environment..Something I let entire world perceive I was unable to increase level of perception of extremists because of doubts they had even on my belief Although I am pure Abrahamic I don’t care about those Who lack proper connection with God I only persuaded the world speak to God from your heart God lives in hearts…

I can never be left alone or satellites are visualising what is happening to me at school toxic environment It is perception of people and children that are making me failure and coercing me to quit for third time it is not to be left here the sources of survival have been blocked You won’t find many of my colleagues blending in with me providing me a lift on their motorbikes for 4 km or simply showing their religious tolerance and perseverance towards me the human rights are abided by it is never a case…All this is to make me failure even 4 to 5 year old child reflect mentality from top down from elders You can’t outstare them or they will cut off your all sources gradually you will be crushed underneath their horse feets…

Today I reveal reason of my sarcasm because its always better to stay silent to criticism and don’t blast in form of sarcasm at the moment but on a worldpress forum I know everybody get rid of me…Even my deadbody will not be burried by common people as plots and conspiracies are clearly intuited to me but I have one question when I gesture and mamals leave the way they perceive not when they crash in attempting this The birds gather on hearing my voice whistling them when I pass near them they show particular movement or they fly…they perceive not This is why I blasted in form of sarcasm..

4 thoughts on “Invincible Against Mocking ( My Story)”

  1. I want to say how much this breaks my heart and NO human being should ever be subjected to such treatment, but I want to say MORE than that.. how I believe you can find a way to turn it all around for you. Being unique is Art, not everyone can handle that. People laugh until they realize the joke is on them. Also, The Secret is something to consider. Your reality CAN change. =)

    1. I have now adopted to cope such challenging acting forces because I fully know to survive I will have to cope such challenges and repetitive social interactions…perhaps some stereotypes are challenging enough to be improved in social custom but we can transform ourselves.

  2. Its all in how we react to things. How we cope and grow from experiences. Our actions when faced with challenging situations can say more than the situations themselves.

    1. Well to cope such challenges I am focused on my tasks and don’t let situation dominate me… I mobilize all the people to love me and I don’t let mocking forces dominate my positive mental approach.

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