Instinct and Learning ( The Street Smarts )

It is believed that a human is not born equipped with enough instinctive learning. Is this a reality Animals are instinctively equipped but Human bring Genetic inheritance. They learn as they develop with time. He/she learns how to eat, drink walk etc…but they are instinctive they will feed when they feel thirsty they walk as they grow. Let’s take example of Cat Family…They are already instinctive how to prey and how to escape attacks. Throw a ball before a cat. It will run after it. It is instinctive he runs before it to prey it.
A bird brings instinct how to fly. Mother bird will throw him down instinctively he will free his wings and here he goes. He will start flying. It is instance of a Seagull.
A snake instinctively brings equipment of stinging. He knows how to prey.
A wasp or honey bee stings when feel insecure or gets offended. A honey bee is instinctive to prepare Honey.
Nobody make them to learn such encoded instinct. They follow their instinct as they grow up. They can be tamed but their instinct can never be deleted. That’s why even Tamed Lions can attack to follow their instinct.
As human learn and develop. They develop and grow. That’s why It is Quoted ‘A human doesn’t learn from womb how to survive’ that means he has to adopt and learn to survive in his life.
The Time teaches him how to live and progress. What he needs to be adopt. And what is required to develop in his life.
Human doesn’t bring such instincts such as how to prey, How to fly, how to drive, how to ride. He has to learn all this. Animals only instinctively follow encode of genes.
Animals bring fixed pattern of behaviour or response to stimuli. Human also bring such instincts such as child desire to feed.
But Human develop more and it learns. Whereas Animals show unlearned instincts.
As wolf is instinctive to prey human is natured to develop any attributes. A human develop such attributes such as Malice, Lie, persecution, Coercion, Bullying, greed and backstabbing.
He develop from observation. A human brain is most developed structure as compared to any living being in this world.
Camel is instinctive to take grudge but human develops this instinct in them. They are not instinctive from womb.
To really talk about persecution it’s not an unfamiliar practice. Yes I know my writings are wise and definitely make sane sense. I am always said ‘Shut up and don’t gabble.
And sometimes I am said don’t speak too much out of topic being discussed.
There is one word to any of my views don’t gabble you gabbling Idiot. You always speak incoherent.
My younger sister disrespect me this way and my younger brother speak don’t flow too much out of topic. My relatives have this reputation regarding this. This is incoherent minded person. He don’t clear himself what he is intending to say. He get incoherent what he wanted to say. Definitely his out of topic fluency does make sense to us. It is something that totally lack coordination.
Well If I am a gabbling Idiot it is something People will say about me….and yes I have a firm reputation of incoherent minded person.
This is only reason I face persecution from those that take a stand to remove most disturbing person. It is not always the case as it is performing but socially incoherent person. It is not disturbing but it is conflicted person.
Well nothing is wrong written above but I have been subjected more persecution than that is normal limit so that It can be recovered or compensated. How long such dependency will survive me.
The opinion of my Elder brother is I am burden on depend your Dad till 32 how long your offsprings will depend on you or us. Why you are insisting for marriage when you are to defamed to that extent as social drama we face to avoidance of dveloping bad terms and in the end as usual excuse because of your defamed reputation And he also interpersonally conflict with me on my views as being my siblings they are my critics as well. I know I can never recover the way I was born but It is required I survive with all the above realities. All wrong practices are after or post brain condition and pre brain normality never evoked me to follow deviation it’s Post Traumatic Reaction Well nothing is wrong that is perceived regarding me mentioned above but as I am aging my beard hairs and moustaches are totally white although I am 31 years old. But women now say I am hiding my age or I am over aged. So I am losing women desire with passage of time. But prepared as well as this is reality I have still enough manhood and manpower.
Do you know when wisdom comes It also makes enough old a mind as much wisdom it brings in mind. It might have caused my hairs lose their pigment so earlier.
Well I know when Moses got revelation from God….His hairs turned totally white although he was not old.
Wisdom can cause hairs to lose their natural pigment. I hope I am neither incoherent here nor deviated from topic. I have not missed adding supporting detail to my Topic. And not gabbled here as well. Message is clear and to the point. It is my communication process that I have discovered and developed.

We are instinctively equipped to be street smart..

2 thoughts on “Instinct and Learning ( The Street Smarts )”

  1. a child learning to walk is instinctive as a bird learning to fly. A parent doesn’t teach a child how to crawl, the child develops this instinctively.
    A child with little parenting may have even better survival instincts than an child protected and taught. The term ‘street smart’ refers to survival by instinct.
    Whenever we get that ‘feeling of danger’ we have the benefit of combined instinct and knowledge based on learning to immediately come up with the hopefully appropriate response to the situation.
    I would not over-rate the instincts of animals, my cat comes home with too many birds in it’s mouth to think that birds have it all figured out.

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