In preparation for Sunday: My Favorite Hymn

Growing up, I was surrounded by church and religious talk, it was an element of most daily conversations. While I no longer attend church on anything like a regular basis, that upbringing stays with me. After all, you can’t just turn off the past, and still be the same person. I still often find myself thinking about social issues in those religious terms that I learned back then. One of the issues that I remember, growing up in my very conservative religious family, strangely enough was listening to a radio show called ” The Lutheran Hour”. As I recall, it was about 30 minutes long, making the hour part of that title incorrect, but the point was I liked this song as the theme.

When I later rebelled and over time won the right to attend the church that I went to after “getting my freedom”, a Presbyterian Church, I retained that love of the “old music of the church” that I heard so often on that childhood favorite radio show. The funny thing about it was that my father and I used to talk about liking “old time music” by which he meant songs like Amazing Grace, a song written in the 1800s. I liked this one that was from the 1600s.

4 thoughts on “In preparation for Sunday: My Favorite Hymn”

      1. who doesn’t enjoy bagpipe music?
        It can be so beautiful and so wild.
        I saw on our local news that San Diego Organ Pavilion hired a new Organist. We have a very large outdoor Organ Pavilion down at Balboa Park. I think he started playing a few nights. Its so beautiful down there. Sitting under the stars listening to the music. But not for me……I wouldn’t chance it now. I can’t wait for life to get back to normal.

  1. I know what you mean. Sadly, things seem to have gotten worse because so many dashed out there too soon. I am back to hibernating, I bet that organ sounds wonderful.

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