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In my village of 15k tonight..

Reported by group that supports our local First Responders: Peaceful protests around downtown courthouse interrupted by truck loaded with out of town Trump supporting Nazi Fascists brandishing baseball bats. I guess liberty and freedom is only vague concept to people on the “right”. Luckily police intervened.

Making America Great my caboose. Cowardly, violent goons who do not believe in First Amendment

3 thoughts on “In my village of 15k tonight..”

  1. Yeah trump has also ordered the troops to DC as well. Even though, it is apparent that it was his ego and refusal to allow the curfew to occur before his unnecessary and totally unproductive little publicity stunt with that stupid Bible pose that caused the problems Sunday.

    The church that was done in front of has repudiated his action as has the Catholic Church that he did another stunt in front of. It was never about Christianity or being a gatherer, it was totally about his ego.

    And the only result of either stunt was MORE people are angry and feeling unvalued and unheard. He has, in effect, declared War on the American people….esp Blacks and those who believe in equality and fairness.

    And his new mouthpiece with her silly statement comparing trump to Churchill and Bush is just plain wrong. Bush went in front of the American people after 9-11. What did he say? He appealed to the nation’s best angels and requested that we NOT take it out on fellow citizens who happened to be Muslim. What did trump do…declare war on the protestors, in effect.

    Winston Churchill also brought the people together. Neither Churchill nor Bush spoke in ways to divide the country even further. trump did.

    What does my heart good, is that some of the religious institutions have come out against him, as well as many political leaders including some in the republican party. (at least a few)

  2. And now he has some militant fascist goons guarding the White House instead of the Secret Service. Militants who refuse to identify themselves but who have nothing to do with the US military. Militia racists and bigots. It has begun, just like I told you a year ago.

    1. Oh great, another stunt by Bunker Boy. Now, we don’t know who is who and who they are going to go after next. Actually I hadn’t heard this before, but you know i am on my way to check it out…you know how I am. 🙂

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