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In here

I guess I’ll just put something here

So you can look at it

And think these things here with me

Because that’s the closest we’ll ever be

Its not too bad

Sharing this same headspace

I’ve got this world here, vast and populated

Ready for outside explorers

Just watch out for the areas that seem a bit

Too colorful

Because I can’t guarantee you’ll make it back

Because it’s so easy to get lost

In those very vivid places

Where those corners are so well lit

And there’s not a speck of disaster left

And the smiles, Oh those wonderful smiles

Just light the whole place up.

No you should not travel that way

There are many other places you could go

Come with me

We can go where the ships sank

And dive for cheap treasure

Or climb to that mountaintop

Where the snow sits patiently

And the air is usually moving.

Yes, come this way

We can appoint ourselves

Master of this land

And seek out it’s riches

Together here in this head.

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