Impulsing back heart theory

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I am a bathroom singer and while singing in bathroom in 1999 i experienced jumping heart in diaphram under my ribs that stopped and I almost fell and resumed consciousness momentarily It was a miracle I survived heart attact aging 15 years of age

I would like to hypothesise a personal experience that is going to revolutionise medical world…If our heart can be impulsed again from involuntary movements controlling part of brain….on heart attack or cardiac arrest until brain is alive heart attack can be survived…

You can past your satellites to verify claim.

The basic ideology behind ancestral prophecy is That deeds of their ancestors are not that much deviant that newer generations has but their radically pure ancestors can appeal and invoke God for His compassion to pardon Mercy their sinful descendants

My dad is orphan from younger age but his ancestors his grand father his father were not even a particle equal in deviant deeds as the ancestors of my mothers family are or the direction their younger generation is on to ….They are required to keep dog with them if they will shoot me who will keep directing them…obviously they believe when a dog gets unsound shoot him he will unsound you as well..

I am patenting my this science fiction account.

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