I’m home

I spent about 5 weeks at my parents house. Just my luck…as soon as I get home the dryer breaks down. Technician was a no show yesterday as I wasted half my day waiting on him.

I tried to carry too many things into my room and being as skilled as I am….I balance my Starbucks on my laptop. That lasted 20 seconds before it went down all over my cream carpet. My son dropped his fries and ketchup on the middle landing of the stairway. That carpet also being cream colored. My cat Clover threw up….also on the cream carpet. So today…..I have the carpet cleaner here for a few hours. I really need more area rugs. So I am sitting here at the dining room table catching up on all the excitement that is Thinkr waiting for the carpet cleaner to finish.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer weather…..because it kind of felt like fall the other day.

There is no rhyme or reason for this post …..just to shoot the breeze and let people know why I bombarded the place with post.

Tata šŸ˜‰


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