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If my doctor was following the “trump protocol” for Covid-19, I would change doctors immediately

Please note, I did not say I would not follow the Fauci protocol, or the CDC protocol or even the WHO protocol, just the trump protocol.  The woman, a part of the ReOpen and apparently anti-Obamacare movement in Texas, as well as apparently a licensed doctor is the prime example of why.  Apparently some doctors actually seem to trust trump as a health advisor, whereas, I would definitely run the other way from just about anything he suggested in any arena, much less that of my health.

Remember who we are talking about here.  trump, the man who said that hydroxychloroquine was the answer to the Covid-19 virus.  He was the same man who suggested, on national TV with a live home audience listening that introducing the cleaning power of bleach to the interior of the body might actually be something to consider.  Now that asinine suggestion might have had a place behind closed doors where only his medical team would hear it, but not in front of the general audience.  There is always going to be some frightened or stupid individual that is going to at least consider drinking bleach.  Most people know better but some will fall for anything.  That’s why that very day, or the day after, there were warnings issued by bleach manufactorers saying “don’t drink the bleach, that is only for external use” all over the country.

Now, apparently the hydroxychloroquine has actually helped a few people but that doesn’t mean it is the cure, nor that it helps everybody.  The drug works on Malaria and other illnesses, but part of that sounds like symptom control although i could be wrong.  But let’s listen to exactly what this doctor uses as her basis for using it.  I find her manner repugnant, personally, and would never present myself as a patient in her clinic.  However, as regugnant as I find her, listening will tell us what her reasoning is like.

First of all, trump talked to foreign countries.  Well, he actually talks DOWN to foreign countries but we will let that stand.  He heard of a doctor (as in one) that had twenty-nine cases that he gave this so-called miracle drug to.  He asserts that they got better.  We have no more informaiton.  We don’t know if they stayed better or later got worse and died.  We also don’t know what else he may have given them.

So, this woman gave two (count them not 200, not 20, not even 10, just 2) of her patients this medicine and wears it made them better.  But notice she also added two shots to that regime.  She doesn’t bother to tell us what that was.  However, listening to what she says they were presenting with (fever with night sweats), the hydro might simply have taken care of the symptoms without actually touching the virus itself.  By the way, she touts the story about only 111 deaths, but as of today that is actually over 1200 in Texas.  Their deaths are obviously going up, likely to the ReOpen groups refusing to stay home, and the influence of people like this woman.

Then there is her claim about people being sent home for 14 days to quarantine and not helped in the emergency room.  Triage ALWAYS determines what to do on the basis of what symptoms and how extreme they are.  If a patient only had a fairly low fever and a cought, they would likely be sent home.  They are not, comparatively, sick enough, to be in the hospital when the beds are needed for people with extremely high fever and unable to breath at all and perhaps needing a ventilator. I tend to discount that assertion of hers as politically inspired rather than a true presentation of the facts as they exist on the ground.

I have learned that not all doctors are created equal.  It reminds me of a joke, what do you call the doctor that graduated last in their class.  The answer, of course, is doctor, just like the other how many ever.  It is ALWAYS the responsibility of the patient to give a value to the care they are given and the quality of the doctor, and for me any doctor that would admit that they got their ideas on how to treat a real pandemic from trump, of all people, would be immediately suspect and i would be looking for a second opinion on anything they told, but even better I would change doctors to someone who actually listened to the real experts in the field instead.  The difference might be based on how well they had treated me in other times…but no, probably just change doctors.

9 thoughts on “If my doctor was following the “trump protocol” for Covid-19, I would change doctors immediately”

  1. Welcome to THOUGHTS Leftthoughts 🙂
    I have to agree with you on changing Doctors if I had knowledge my Dr. would follow any medical advice given by someone not qualified to give any. But unfortunately many people have no choice in who gives them medical care. Many people can’t afford high quality insurance where we can pick and choose any Dr. we want. Many people work laborious jobs that pay pennies and have to settle for what their employers offer. And …unfortunately many people lack sometimes basic education to know different.


    1. I have insurance where I can pick within a network. And have changed doctors once in another 4 years because the first one i got after retiring didn’t act in a concerned enough manner when I found out i had diabetes….just sent me home saying “keep within 2000 calories”.

      But yes, my mother and father fell into the category you mention, and that is the absolute pits, which is why I tend to believe in Universal Healthcare.

      1. I am all about Universal Healthcare as well. I am fortunate I can afford great health insurance. My parents also have great health insurance due to my dad being in the Union his entire life. But I also believe that everyone should be able to get free healthcare. I have always been willing to pay more taxes to help everyone.

        1. Monica, I can afford it only because I was in a union. My parents, and only my father was healthy enough to work, my mother was mentally ill, never made more than the minimum wage. In fact the people that he worked for convinced him to go “manager” even though he did manual labor because managers made more. Well, not when you added all the overtime that he was missing by being considered in the management category it was, but it kept them from having to pay minimum.

          He died when I was 17, my mother and I struggled along, I got a work/study program, stayed at home and commuted, got a degree, and managed to get a job in an office where there was a then strong union that got me fairly safely middle class with a retirement plan and all that.

          So along with medicare, I have a subsidy that pays for some of the extras and have good insurance….but if not for that union…whewww.

          1. So much good has come from the Unions but unfortunately the few crooked Union leaders overshadow alot of that in todays society. My father no matter what happened and what situation we were in my parents made sure those Union dues were paid. His Insurance covered all 7 of his children until we became adults. My mother is a nurse but didn’t work full time until we got older. In her later years she became a hospice nurse…..such an AMAZING job those nurses have.
            Anyhow….I have never been union and actually paid a pretty penny for coverage through out my life. Not just for me but for my 3 sons. So when our local unions would go on strike because they couldnt get their insurance almost completely covered I would throw a fit. Now mind you…..not only was my father Union…but my brother was an EMT for a local Fire Dept so he was Union too. So they couldn’t shop at certain places and definitely wouldn’t cross a Strike line. But I would keep shopping where I would normally go and would get those glares. So I see both sides of the argument…and being a Libra doesn’t help either.

            Anyhow….both my parents are retired and living a good life in South Dakota.

            Thank you for sharing a bit about yourself and your parents. I was just watching one of those commercials for some drug for depression. In it the little girls mother suffers from depression and I remembered knowing a few people who had depressed parents. Their childhoods are somewhat traumatizing.
            You made it through all of that.

            1. I am pretty avid a supporter of unions…always have been. I would have been like your brothers, and might even have been tempted to give you the evil eye…(grin). But really those of us who worked with a union in most cases, in my opinion, did what every worker should be able to do, and got what every worker should be able to get.

              If you believe, as you say you do in Universal Health Care, but the situation is that the really only way to afford it is with a group plan, then an employer should be part of that. Yes, my insurance was paid for…and I went on strike at least once to make sure it stayed that way. It is no longer than way, because sadly, from my prospective, the unions have been weakened by management efforts with shipping jobs from state to state etc.

              I had thought, feared, that it would end with my retirement but they are still subsidizing my health insurance so that I only have to pay about 180.00 out of pocket and have medicare a, b, g, and then dental and vision.

              I likely wouldn’t cross a strike line, but then I do buy from Amazon despite their bad practices as currently known about regarding labor and the Covid-19 issue. So, I can compromise at times in what I “really believe” and what saves me money and in my opinion keeps me safe by not having to go out.

    1. Skip, you may get an “unapprove” notification, if so it is an error on my part. But yes, I saw that from trump. I then almost immediately got two things talking about what the side affects are likely to be…or could be. One is that it actually can damage your immune system and two in some cases causes demenia type reactions. No comment in addition, just reports that I found interesting. 🙂

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