Ice, Ice Baby!!!

Just sharing a catchy little song that I like now re-listening from a few years ago shared on another blog site. Kind of like a lot of my music choices, the sound more than the words.


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  1. Wasn’t much of a Vanilla Ice fan but I could always appreciate a good dance tune. And this falls into that category.
    Did you where the neon? 😉

      1. Of course you didn’t understand…I misspelled “Wear” with “Where”. See what happens when I am tired and make no sense? It was just in reference to wearing Neon Clothes being the big deal back in the “ice Ice baby” days.

        I seem to make a lot of spelling errors on this site.
        I think it may be that in the comments we can not adjust font size. But dodo bird me just expanded my page and now I can see giant font. I truly am clueless in these odd areas of being online.

  2. There are times – especially at the beginning – when this song sounds too much like “Under Pressure” by Queen. Maybe they did a deal with the copyright holder to use the material?

    1. I don’t remember “Under Pressure” although I love Queen. I will have to look for it. I obviously don’t know about who was first or who owns copyrights etc…:)

      1. “The biggest controversy of “Ice Ice Baby,” was the fact that it lifted the bass line from Queen and David Bowie’s 1981 song “Under Pressure .” Queen and David Bowie’s camps both filed lawsuits against Vanilla Ice, seeing that the rapper did not pay any royalties to Bowie, Freddie Mercury, Brian May.”

        I copied & pasted this over here. Apparently there was a copyright issue with this song and, I don’t know all the details but Vanilla Ice managed to worm his way out of it. It might make for some interesting research to delve deeper into the lawsuit and find out what happened in the end.

        1. i seem to remember now that I have had some time for the old cogs in my brain to start working that Vanilla Ice was in trouble for something else also one time. Whatever happened, the song is still on youtube which is where i stumbled onto it.

          The interesting thing was that I don’t remember ever hearing “Under Pressure” till you mentioned it above in response to my post. I love Queen, especially Bohemian Rhapsody. Whatever happened didn’t include having the song yanked from youtube obviously.

          I might do some online research. 🙂

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