Being a KID again is a NO for me.

“I wish I could go back to being a kid, where everything is easy,” says a lot of people nowadays, are you one of them?

Well, not for me. All the while people my age hope to go back as a kid, I want to be an adult instead. You might say, “well it’s their choice if they would want to, life is indeed easy when you are young”. It is their choice, but if you would ask me why I don’t want to, let me tell you a short story of how I hated my childhood.

I’m a middle child. I am no one’s favorite. Everyone is unfair. Everything is messed up.

I don’t even like the feeling of nostalgia as it suffocates me, and it does not feel right. I want nothing to have me recall my childhood. The only part of my childhood that I remember and I’d love to reminisce about is when I was living with my favorite person, my grandma. I’d rather wish to be an adult to be able to spoil the younger me and the people I love. I don’t wanna go through the same mistakes, hardships, and pain anymore. Life as a kid is just like how the life we have right now as an adult. It’s easy if you have the means to live an easy life, but it’s tough when you only have yourself.

1 thought on “Being a KID again is a NO for me.”

  1. Grandmas are special, aren’t they? I used to spend the weekends at my grandmas. Every friday night was the dukes of hazzard and the incredible hulk. Saturday was the Bugs bunny road runner show at her house.

    I spent much of my childhood in institutions and group homes. Amazingly I don’t regret it though. Things could have been so much worse. 🙂

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