I Really Think I’m Home…

Holy cow!  I just noticed that I have been to my new home on Thinkr for 16 days now.  Since then, the site has doubled in it’s members.  Doubled!  I’ve never been been privileged to be part of something in it’s beginnings before so I’m constantly amazed at the changes happening here.  The style looks different and yet it’s the same.  I’m finding myself comfortable here and I’m hoping others do to.  I’ve already met some incredibly interesting people.  This has the potential to be a really amazing online home.

That’s it.  Nothing thought provoking tonight at all.  Just… I think I’m home.

7 thoughts on “I Really Think I’m Home…”

  1. I love it here also. I’m still experiencing some glitches, but over all, the people are great, seeing old friends is wonderful and it has a family atmosphere here.

    1. Hi, I recently joined… nice to meet you. I’ve only tried a few times to figure out this new site. So far, not so good. Someday when I have more free time, I will try a little harder. I would love to find old friends. Some have kept their names and others created new ones. I had to change mine even though I was not planning to do so… Apparently Roe did not have enough characters. I really miss the old thoughts… joined in 2007…. omg, 10 years ago. Time flies! If you are lucky you will make a few friends for life, it happened to me on thoughts.com I hope I’m able to find you again, I’d love to get to know others through their blogs. Every time I log in, it looks different? Take care!

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