I need to go to the doctor, hospital, something…

So my ankle has been hurting like crazy for the past 2 or 3 weeks, almost a month actually. I haven’t done anything because I’ve been super busy. Work, guy, friend, in a repeated loop. The one person I tend to neglect, is myself. I can’t even walk on it at this point and I just want to sleep because walking is this painful experience.

My mom finally inspected it last night and kept pushing for me to go to the ER and I kept brushing it off.

My mentality to being sick/hurt is strange. I tend to ignore it until it gets to late. Even then for some reason, being sick or injured is weak, at least to me personally. I don’t care if someone else is sick. They can be sick and I’ll try my best to take care of them, seriously. I even scold them for not going to the doctors. But then again, I take my problems to the extreme. The only time I ever went to the doctors on time and urgently was for my face when I got my nose pierced, because that was my face.

I just remember being a kid and being sick, it was weak. It meant you messed up. My mom was so weird about these things, and it was only when I was really young. After awhile even she backed off and tried to get me to go to the doctors or stay home more often. I refused to stay home sick, and I still do usually. It’s just not something I enjoy doing. I sprained my ankle once in 6th grade and refused to tell anyone about it all day. The only reason I went to the hospital is because my mom caught me limping and dragged me there.

Seriously, Jack is so sick right now…and if I had what he had, you bet I’d still be sitting at work with that horrible cold and not telling anyone about it. I had a horrible cold when I first got to this new job, and still worked through it.

Maybe I’m messing myself up. I don’t know. All I know is, people shouldn’t care as much as they do.

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