“I love you,”

"I love you," those three words
Burst into my mouth and push against
My lips like battering rams. 
The harder they push, the harder
It becomes to resist saying them. 

During sex, accidentally letting
Those three words slip isn't a bad thing.
In fact, some would say that it's quite common
And those three words are more due to,
"hormones," and being in the moment. 

My past experiences proudly adhere to this fact,
Because of incidences where I almost
Sputtered the words to someone
Who means almost nothing to me and 
Was able to halt my language in time. 

However, sitting next to you on the couch,
Watching you talk about your favorite tv show,
Or how your day at work was...
If I almost let those three words slip then,
What does that mean?

"I love you," I want to say,
And you catch me giving you that stupid smile,
And you ask me, "why are you looking at me like that?"
But before I can answer, "I love you,"
I put clap my hands over my lips and turn away. 

Because it's too much. 
It's too soon. 
It's too strong. 
What even is love?
Is this genuine?

The words are dancing on my tongue,
Whenever I see how you smile, at anything really. 
It's not an idea, it's take a life form all of it's own
And I am in the process of truly learning what this
All means, so before I say, "I love you,"

I might just kiss your forehead,
Bring you a cup of tea,
Bury my head in your embrace,
Stare at you when you're sleeping,
And stutter when the words slip too quickly.

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