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I just want to see them happy…

I am from India and as u know parents are considered to have a greater position than god. And in my case, this seems true. I know god is with me 24/7, helping me in my every problem and I can share everything with me. But, I saw my parents struggle for me, to make me happy, to have me educated, to buy me anything I want. And, now I think it is my turn to make them happy. I have to study hard and just see the smile in their face.

In India, JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) exam is held to get admission into top colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs etc. I have decided to ace this exam. I know the competition is high, I have to work hard. But at the end, this all would be worth to see the proud faces of my parents. I just hope this all goes well enough.

Engineering was never my dream. But “Karma says, sometimes u have to make a decision which will hurt your heart, but will heal your soul.”

3 thoughts on “I just want to see them happy…”

  1. I pray you choose the right path to your happiness that also makes your parents happy. I loved the quote about karma, I have never heard it before. And it makes me wonder, will you hurt your heart and do engineering and that will heal your soul seeing a smile on their face? Or follow your dreams and hurt your heart knowing how it may hurt your parents?
    Many blessings ­čĺť

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