I have to get out of here…

Yesterday I ended my thoughts with how grateful I am for living in a new area, a new space, a new home that’s all my own. Today, I am starting off with how miserable I am at work. I don’t want to be here anymore. I remember feeling that way in my apartment. I was so miserable and I kept repeating “I have to get out of here” over and over in my head like a mantra. I feel the same way about this place. I say this place because I’m physically here at work right now. I hate being here. The miserable feeling started even before I got to work. Is it me? I’ve heard the phrases before to change your perspective, and be positive, and I have tried to do that so many times. I’ve tried to just accept and be happy, but it’s becoming more and more impossible to do so. I know the reason too. When I can work from home, and I’m in my own space, I feel so happy. No stress. No judgement. No gossip. No traffic. No pretending to like people that I don’t and being fake. My own space is calming and peaceful. God, I hate it here….

2 thoughts on “I have to get out of here…”

  1. To find contentment in one’s place of work, or finding contentment in one’s choice of career, is a rare commodity indeed – most of the time a job is just a means to an end. Working life – I personally found, was a drudgery that takes time away from the things you would rather be doing instead. Such is the need to earn money.

    Oh…. and hi NocturnalReptilian. . .welcome to Thoughts.

    1. Hi Jules! Thanks for commenting and the welcome! I don’t mind working. The need to earn money is essential, especially with a mortgage. For me personally, after 11 years of working here, it’s time for a change. The job is stale, the company is stale and the people are stale. Can people become stale lol? Thanks again for the comment.

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