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I found a Bowl

I was getting a bit brave by venturing out to the mall and into Macys with my son who came home from England a few weeks ago. He was looking for something or another so I strolled around the dinnerware dept just seeing if anything would catch my eye and way in the back I saw one lone bowl sitting there. I was drawn to it for some reason. Its a serving bowl…….busy looking…..but it obviously had a story. I LOVED IT. I have this thing for owls….so it was right up my alley. It had no price tag on it….but it did have stickers with codes so I grabbed it and checked out. The cashier took a while finding a price and eventually found out it was 1/2 off because it was the last of a set they had. How lucky was I? I felt like I found a treasure.

The thing is….everything in my kitchen has been cream colored and clear because as a household we could not decide on a design for dinnerware. One son wanted this color or that color…or that shape and of course nothing too girly. So….I made a decision to just buy everything cream colored and clear until we find something we all like or until they all move out and I can pick what I want. But that doesn’t make it easier because as much as I look through magazines/catalogs/websites nothing caught my eye. So…I was fine with cream dishes because I bought 4 of one design….4 of another design….and 2 of that design…so all of my dishes were mixed cream designs and I liked it. BUT THIS BOWL……I fell in love with. I got home and washed it and sat it right in the middle of the table as I researched the designer. It was during my birthday week which explains my flowers. Anyhow….the bowl is made by “iittala” from Finland.

I am pasting a clip from their website:

The man behind the magic

Since its launch in 2007, Taika (‘Magic’ in English), has established itself as one of Iittala’s best loved series. The unique illustrations of Klaus Haapaniemi, whose recognisable style is a mixture of influences from Finnish folklore to Slavic animation and Japanese etchings, work in unison with the clean lined shapes of Professor Heikki Orvola.

Reading this made me love this bowl even more. So I am ordering a dish set of mixed/match colors from them. It also inspired me to want to design my own dinnerware. So I added that to the list of things I am going to get to…..eventually.

I tell ya…..What would you guys do without my important mind blowing post? ๐Ÿ˜‰

10 thoughts on “I found a Bowl”

  1. That’s a lovely looking decorative bowl. If I didn’t know better I would have said it was of Chinese origin and not Finland. Someone smiled on you when you entered that shop. It’s one of those moments that was meant to be.

    1. YES! That is what I felt too. When they wrote about the artist influence for this set…..they did say “Finnish Folklore, Slavic animation and Japanese etchings” So there is an Asian influence.

    1. The flowers filled the upstairs completely with a soft beautiful scent for over a week. I use to buy fresh flowers weekly but stopped when all of this Covid went down. So having these delivered on my birthday just made me want to start that habit again.
      And I was so drawn to the art on that bowl…..that I wanted to know the story.

  2. Oh Monica! You have beautiful taste! The bowl is AMAZING and so are all the other pieces! I would SO have bought it as well. Also, I do find your posts to be highly important and mind blowing too, so keep it up!

    1. Well I am so happy that someone else “gets” my taste. Thank you.
      And I always make myself laugh when I write things like…”my important mind blowing post”
      I know the world is going through some serious times….but I also know we can turn every channel and listen to expert educated views from every angel IF we wanted to hear about this story or that. So coming here is kind of like a little escape from all of that craziness.

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