I choose to be happy 😃

I’ve been searching long and hard for me myself my true self. I always thought i knew myself until i began to learn different things every day about my self… my hobbies, my thoughts, my friends, my state of mine. I love myself! I love myself even more now. I’ve changed. I’ve grown. Experience are what makes your life. Love is what makes your life. People say life is what you make it n they are so true. I’ve learned to look at things from a different perspective. Happiness is what u make it. Happiness is a choice. I choose happiness. Everything will never be perfect. Life is not perfect But then again perfect is what u make it. I was sitting in the house one day and something just dinged on me. I’ve been sitting in the house for weeks drained of energy n sad. However, everything i wanted, i got. I wrote a list n Everything i prayed for besides a new house, i got. I wanted a bigger car, i got it. I wanted to get Christmas gifts for people, i got many Christmas gifts for others. I wanted a laptop, i got it. I got all of these things in less than a month. In addition, I’m out of work right now due to maternity leave so that was big. How dare i be sad moping in my house because i didn’t get the house i wanted. I should be celebrating. How can the divine n God give me anything else, if i can’t appreciate the new blessings i just got, not to mention the blessings i already had. That’s when i chose happiness, Happiness and gratitude. Being happy is much better than being sad.  I wake up with a meditation. After meditation, i start my day with music, breakfast and dancing with my kids. I know my  new house is coming soon. Being positive n grateful while waiting makes a big difference. I’m smiling a lot again. My kids smiling a lot. My body feels good. I get less upset about things. I want to do more things around the house. I sound better. I’m happy i chose to be happy.

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