I can’t sleep

Sleep is not with coming…..again


Anybody seen walkinonsunshine? (Dani)

around here?

Too many thoughts rattle around in my brain…from what I read, to what I watch, to past convos, and situations. I know I can’t change the past, no matter how much I want to, but living alone makes you think about all the stuff you’d say..if you had the chance.

Then there’s me. Just me. Here. Alone. Lonely.

I disowned two of my sons, and basically my ex too. Long story, suffice it to say…that when you’re done with the drama & they won’t change…it’s time to walk away.

And I know my other children have busy lives, however I live to hear their voices…and my grandchildren too. Skype is great…if one uses it…but it seems when I call they are too busy. Promises of call backs are grand…if you use them.

So, here I am. Me. Here. Alone. Lonely & I can’t sleep.

I moved far enough away, so drama won’t show up on my door step; but I’m also that far away from any stores, librarys, theatres..etc.

So it’s just me & the coyotes.

AND I think that’s why I can’t sleep.

That and the late night coffee & Netflix