I can’t sleep

Sleep is not with coming…..again


Anybody seen walkinonsunshine? (Dani)

around here?

Too many thoughts rattle around in my brain…from what I read, to what I watch, to past convos, and situations. I know I can’t change the past, no matter how much I want to, but living alone makes you think about all the stuff you’d say..if you had the chance.

Then there’s me. Just me. Here. Alone. Lonely.

I disowned two of my sons, and basically my ex too. Long story, suffice it to say…that when you’re done with the drama & they won’t change…it’s time to walk away.

And I know my other children have busy lives, however I live to hear their voices…and my grandchildren too. Skype is great…if one uses it…but it seems when I call they are too busy. Promises of call backs are grand…if you use them.

So, here I am. Me. Here. Alone. Lonely & I can’t sleep.

I moved far enough away, so drama won’t show up on my door step; but I’m also that far away from any stores, librarys, theatres..etc.

So it’s just me & the coyotes.

AND I think that’s why I can’t sleep.

That and the late night coffee & Netflix

16 thoughts on “I can’t sleep”

  1. walkinonsunshine was last here about 7 months ago. She no longer has an account here. She is on a blogster forum and her last message to me was to try to get me to join. That’s all I can tell you.

  2. Dani, as Ezwayz says, did have an account here briefly. Her reasons were to find new recruits to join her over at Blogster. She sent me several PM’s in here inviting me to join. I have tried but each and every time I do try, the onsite bots tell me that I have failed to authenticate as a human! I think it’s spam detection automation gone crazy.

  3. @brokenarrow @jules60

    I felt Dani was doing that because she did the exact same thing on “Thoughts” when Adam opened his board. She would constantly complain about Thoughts and Ben and recruit others to join her elsewhere.
    Now Ben opens this site…..and she seemed to have done the same thing.

    1. In her absence and to offer defensive comment, there were many people complaining about Thoughts and the apparent lack of functionality. I can remember the time when Thoughts came out of Beta and the new site went live, my blog never worked properly again. I was never one to complain bitterly like some that did, but I did have very real gripes which were never resolved to my satisfaction despite a multitude of PM’s I sent to Ben.
      And in fairness to Ben, whenever he did make an appearance he would do his best to address my problems but by those times my glitches had become insurmountable and too deeply embedded. And it was those types of problems that many people – Dani included, were experiencing. All I, and many people I knew wanted, was to see the site up and running as it was intended but that was a false hope because clearly, the site was sinking fast.
      We actually used to laugh over it all at times simply because it was either that or cry. The site that Dani is now a member of isn’t really that good, and I for one have no immediate urge to join it, but I think it works! So as far as Dani is concerned she has moved on to other/better things and she wants the people she once interacted with to do so again but over there.

      1. There is a great difference between complaining about the functionality of a site and consistently posting negative remarks about the site owner. The owner who put a million + of his own money into the place and allowing everyone to join for FREE.
        What is the saying…. “Don’t shit in your own backyard” or is it….”Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”
        There is a mature way to express valid concerns.
        I know I can be loyal to a fault…because I think highly of Ben.

        But I know there is a difference between Ben…and Site Functions.

  4. I think the “reply” dialogue box has gone all skewy?
    Anyhoo. . .

    Yes, and absolutely. Change may be inevitable but that doesn’t mean you have to like it – perhaps that’s why it has a time-honoured reputation to inspire fear?

  5. I have an account on Blogster. I think it is like anywhere else, that is…what you make of it. I have not posted there, or anywhere, in quite some time with any consistency. The reason I came to check this place out is because it gets really lonely when you have your own blog outside of a community. This place is not really set up for that community feel. Nothing will ever be like Thoughts. Not sure what I am going to do at this point. As for Dani, she has been on Blogster for quite some time. And, a BIG LOL at Adam. There is a name I haven’t heard in forever. That guy is a can or two short of a six.

    1. The originality and the wonderful community feel that Thoughts effortlessly gave us all will not be equalled any time soon. I think it spoilt people in their expectations of what a blog should be (it certainly spoilt me).
      These days there are many blog sites to choose from and we have to make the best of the choices we make.

      I keep seeing mention of Adam. . .who is he exactly?

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