I am bonpu (edited member)…

bonpu is a Buddhist term for “ordinary person.”

Simple enough concept. I am just a person.

Even though I realize that being a white American male puts me in the, probably top 10% in the world in privilege in many relative categories, I do not perceive myself as being in any way special, or entitled to any rights and privileges. I think all people are entitled to everything that I, and most other Americans take for granted, as basic human rights.

The Truman (Trump) Show.

Donald Trump is a soap opera for people with shallow, superficial minds. Such people find him entertaining, and for some reason beyond my conception, they see him as somehow exceptional.

I’m not sorry to say that perception escapes me.

The Fox Opinion, Propaganda and Conspiracy Theory Network, along with shows like Rush Limbaugh are salacious, incendiary, emotionally manipulative, “flame baiting” Soap Operas.

All of these platforms are in the business of making unethical, morally bankrupt opportunist gum flapper filthy rich for having the talent to manipulate people emotionally into following them, and being influenced by them religiously, devoted, and almost obediently cultlike.

I mention the “ordinary person” because I come from a blogging platform full of extremist Christian Trump supporters who view themselves as exceptional, and deserving special privileges and rights inherent their extremist religious interpretations.

Crazy, insane, delusional, hateful and violent people.

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        1. As long as you’ve been fetching that movie you still have no idea what it is all about. You don’t have enough functioning brain cells to comprehend.

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