How to tell if my cat has a fever

If you have a fever, you can get a basic judgment by just touching your forehead. But cats are different. You can’t tell from the cat’s forehead whether he has a fever. The normal body temperature of a cat is between 100.4º and 102.5º Fahrenheit. When the temperature is higher than 102.5º F, the cat will have a fever. The common causes of fever in cats are bacterial virus infection, parasite invasion, and inflammatory diseases. This article will introduce you to the judgment method and treatment of cat fever.

1. Use a thermometer

When using a rectal thermometer, it is necessary to apply a layer of petroleum jelly to the thermometer and place it in the rectum for at least 2 minutes in order to obtain an accurate body temperature. Be careful not to insert the thermometer too deeply into the rectum, as this will damage the cat’s rectum.

2. Check the cat’s nose

The nose of a cat with normal body temperature is dry and warm. If your cat has a fever, his nose will become dry.

3. Hot ears

Normally, the inside of the cat’s ear is warm. But when a cat has a fever, its ears will also become hotter. It’s a bit like a person is touching his forehead to judge whether he has a fever.

4. Warm back

When a cat has a fever, his back will also become warm, but you have to pay attention that he has not been basking on the balcony before. At the same time, the cat’s breathing becomes very rapid.

When your cat has a fever, please remember not to feed it with human fever medicine. Human drugs are fatal to cats. You only need to replenish the cat with clean water in time and take them to the hospital for treatment by the veterinarian.

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