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How to tell if a cat is sick from its behavior?

Have you noticed any unusual behavior in your cat? You may sometimes wonder if you are paying too much attention to your cat. But the truth is that when cats don’t behave in line with their usual behavior, a large part of the cat’s body is at fault. Your intuition is right. Because you treat the cat as your own family and hope he grows up healthy and healthy, but they can’t speak, you can only judge if he is sick by paying more attention to your cat. The following article will introduce you to several common reasons.

1. Abnormal toilet time

You should be very aware of your cat’s toilet habits. If you find that your cat has no stool or urine in the litter box for a long time, then your cat is likely to have constipation or signs of kidney disease, and you need to take him there in time. See a veterinarian at a pet hospital.

2. Changes in behavior

If your cat enjoys interacting with you, such as grooming, etc. But one day, when you found that you touched a certain part of him, the cat suddenly bit you, it is very likely that you touched his wound.

3. Decreased appetite

When your cat suddenly eats less than usual, it’s most likely a problem with your cat’s mouth and teeth. A spike in food intake could be due to diabetes and an overactive thyroid.

4. Changes in call

When cats suffer from pain or other medical conditions, their meowing changes suddenly. You need to pay attention to this situation and take him to the hospital for examination in time.

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