How to Stop Cat from Spilling Water Bowl

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Innocent big eyes, soft fur body, cats always look very cute. However, they may be naughty sometimes. Cat spill his water is one of the most common phenomenon. After putting the water bowl, cat leaves you a wet floor instead of drinking out of the bowl. Cat owners feel tired when facing the mess.

Why does cat spill his water?

1. Entertainment

Out of boredom, cat will regard water as a toy. The water surface can reflect changes of sunlight. When the paw touches the water surface, water ripples will be generated, which makes the cat feel very funny.

2. Unsanitary water

The water in the bowl hasn’t changed for a few days and it stinks. Cat wants to drink water, but when it finds that the water is smelly; he touches the water with its paws and wants to clean the water.

3. Unable to access the water

Because cat whiskers contain nerves and blood vessels, most cats don’t like to touch the sides of bowls with their whiskers. If the water bowl is too deep or too narrow, and it touches the cat’s whiskers, it may annoy him. Whiskers fatigue makes cat spill water bowl to feel more comfortable to drink.

4. Preference to drink flowing water

Turn on the faucet gently and let the water flow out slowly. If your cat starts to drink from the stream without hesitation, it means that he prefers flowing water instead of still water in the bowl.

5. Clean paws

When your cat is playing with water, he dips his paw in the water, and then licks the paw with his tongue. In fact, the cat is not playing but to clean his paw. He just wants to use some water to help.

How to stop cat from spilling from water bowl?

1. Divert cat’s attention

Use pet toys to play games with your cat and make him forget to play with water. Stop the cat in time while spilling water bowl, so that he can understand it is wrong.

2. Provide fresh water

The cat’s water needs to be replaced every day to ensure that the water is clean. You can put two more water bowls in the house so that the cat can drink water in time.

3. Change the water bowl

Make sure your cat is using shallow bowls. Also, many cats prefer elevated cat bowls, especially if they’re particularly tall themselves. If a bowl made out of something heavy, like glass or ceramic, which makes it darn near impossible for him to flip it over.

4. Pet fountain

The best pet water dispenser is the perfect way to get cat with fresh running water. The pet water dispenser is not only sturdy in design, but unlike a bowl, it does not have any accessibility issues.

5. Paw hygiene

Check whether the cat’s paws are particularly dirty, and clean the cat’s paw.

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