How to stop cat from biting owners?

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A cat is a special pet. Cats are independent, their emotions usually do not fluctuate, and they do not express happiness through their tails like dogs. Cat owners provide cats with delicious food and fresh water every day. They also like cats very much, but cats will bite owners inexplicably. Gradually, the cat owner will feel that the cat does not like him, and wonder why does cat bite him?

If cat owners can deeply understand the emotional meaning of cats’ behavior, he will find that most of the time cat is not intended to hurt him, but just to attract attention. Next, I will disclose the reasons why cat bite people.

1. Game aggressive behavior

Cats are natural predators, this is an instinct carried in their genes. It will be more obvious in kittens, especially during play. Chewing, biting, and scratching is a normal play behavior between companions of cats in their juvenile period, and the general game aggressive behavior will gradually decrease with age.

2. The cat is dissatisfied with the owner’s behavior

The owner was cutting the cat’s nails. Cats hummed for a long time, struggling, and then suddenly turned back and bit owners. I think the owner also felt the meaning behind the cat’s behavior, “I’m not happy!” So if the cat is not happy then owner should not push on him anymore.

There are signs before a cat bites a person, such as flicking its tail vigorously, struggling, and even shouting loudly. In this case, wait for the cat to calm down before continuing the cleanup work.

3. Cats have teeth problems

When cats have problems with their teeth, or are changing their teeth, they tend to like to bite. This kind of biting behavior is the performance of the cat trying to relieve the discomfort of the teeth. If it is an adult cat over 3 years old and suddenly appears to like to bite, it is necessary to check whether the cat has teeth discomfort. If the cat has oral ulcers, red and swollen gums, and abnormal bad breath, go to the pet hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

How to stop cat from biting people?

1. If the cat has a game aggressive behavior, owners can gradually improve this behavior by diverting attention. The owner can often use the cat string for chasing games, allowing the cat to shift his attention from the heel and hands to the toy.

2. Owners can educate kitten like cat mother. When the kitten bites the owner, the owner can imitate the mother cat’s screaming, and quickly grab the kitten’s back neck skin to pick up the kitten, and quickly interrupt the kitten’s aggressive behavior in the game.

3. Don’t play games with cats by hands. The owner’s hand only appears when feeding and petting. Never use hand to tease the cat and play games, and avoid the cat from treating the owner’s hand as a game object or he will bite hand without hesitation.

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