How to Start a Blog in 3 Minutes

How to Start a Blog in 3 Minutes

What is a blog?

Answer: A blog is a way of publishing content on the web.

On you can start a blog in 3 minutes or less. We’ve made it easy for you to sign up and its FREE.

You can sign up using your email. Alternatively, you can also login with Facebook or Twitter to start a blog.

What a blog can do is something that has changed greatly over the year, especially in just the laws couple of years. Its amazing to see how powerful WordPress blogging sites have become with new WordPress Blocks / Gutenberg blog architecture.

Now WordPress is much more than the best blogging platform.

They have created an insanely powerful CMS, CRM, CDN, Social Networking Platform, Digital Marketing Agency, Boutique Shop, E commerce.

You name it and WordPress can publish basic anything in a search engine friendly format.

On we offer free blogs with unlimited video hosting free delivered by WordPress’s lightening fast CDN so your videos load quickly giving your viewers a more enjoyable experience.

We’ve also included a suite of the most important WordPress plugins to make your blogs secure, search engine friendly, and easy to publish professional quality content. It takes only a couple of minutes to get started blogging like a pro on

Learn how to create a blog free on Our WordPress blog software gives you the best blogging platform possible.

Originally, I began development on 1.0 in January 2007.

This was before Google+ existed and twitter itself was just getting started itself. In other words, its was the early days of modern social media sites.

At the time they were calling it web 2.0.

I had a vision of a blogging community that connected link-minded people and encouraged people to be loving to one another. You know, it was a pay it forward kind of approach toward life and business.

I was way too early though. We needed this WordPress blog technology back then, but it didn’t exist then, not like it does today.

Now in 2020 CMS blog technology does exist so I’m bringing back the best blogging platform & original blog community.

Best Blogging Sites

What are the best free blog sites?

Time needed: 3 minutes.

Sign up to the best blog sites in 3 minutes flat.


    Start a blog in a few minutes and create a free website, a personal blog site, an online store. You decide what your blog will become. On we’ve developed a focus around community and strategic integrations to give you the most streamlined, yet still robust blogging platform. Starting your first blog is so easy its a blink. Follow & Like on Facebook here.


    Really probably should be in the #1 spot. However, I’m biased and I think our community makes #1. With that being said, there would not be a operating today without the current WordPress software. So, thank you Matt for giving us all the awesomeness of WordPress technology.


    Wix provides a free blogging platform along with paid pro upgraded blog hosting plans. If you’re not going to use WordPress I think that’s a mistake. However, if you insist on a non WordPress blog platform then is just as good as any of the others.

  4. Blogger

    This is a totally free blog creation software from Google. Blogger is one of the oldest and longest running blog publishing platforms on the internet available for personal blogging and pro bloggers today.

  5. Repost is more than a blogging site. Repost offers a full suite of digital marketing tools. Social Media Marketing agencies and professional blog writers can leverage the Repost SMM automation tools to Repost on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

Blogging for Beginners: How to Get Started

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