How to Repost Instagram

How to repost Instagram online
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The new WordPress blocks make it easy for you to repost Instagram photos into your photos.
I don’t really use Instagram often myself but I know its a very popular site for many people.
So, if you’ve wandered; How do you repost Instagram online? Here’s the answer…

How to Repost Instagram on

For those of you that use Instagram a lot you’re going to like this Instagram repost feature a lot.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

  1. When creating a new post, click the + button to create a new block.

  2. In blocks look for the “Embeds” section, then choose Instagram.

  3. On Instagram click the 3 dots above the photo and select “Get Link”

  4. Paste this Instagram link and presto, you’ve reposted an Instagram photo into your post.

It’s that easy to repost Instagram online.

Testing the IG embed photo option here. That step is more complicated, its better to go with the directions listed in this page.

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