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How to give liquid medicine to cats

Most cats are reluctant to take medicine. But in the process of raising a cat, it is inevitable that the cat will get sick. Sometimes the medicine that the doctor prescribes for the cat is in a liquid state. How to make cats take these liquid medicines is a tricky question. This article will teach you some methods.

1. Mixed in food

You need to tell your veterinarian about the type of wet cat food. After your veterinarian agrees, you can mix the liquid medicine with the wet cat food.

2. Use a syringe

If your cat cannot eat wet cat food mixed with medicine, then you can only consider using a syringe. Use the syringe to refer to the following methods.

(1) Turn your cat back to you, hold the cat with one hand, so that the cat cannot move

(2) With your other hand, you insert the tip of the syringe into the corner of the cat’s mouth, between the cheeks and teeth, and aim it at the back of the cat’s head. Please note that liquid is more likely to accidentally enter the trachea. To prevent the cat from inhaling liquid into the trachea, do not tilt the cat’s head back.

(3) Inject the liquid on the tongue of the cat, not in the throat, otherwise it will cause the cat to vomit.

(4) Make sure to give your cat enough encouragement throughout the process, and give the cat food rewards after taking the medicine.

(5) After each use, rinse the syringe thoroughly with water, and refrigerate the remaining medicine if necessary.

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