How to get rid of dandruff in cats

Cats can also suffer from dandruff. The overwhelming majority of cats suffering from dandruff is that they are too obese, which prevents them from grooming themselves and grooming their hair. Others are due to skin allergies, external parasites, flea infections, malnutrition, bacterial infections, etc. At the same time, cats with dandruff are often accompanied by hair loss, vomiting, reduced appetite and drinking water.

This article will provide you with several ways to get rid of dandruff for your cat

1. Nutrition Management

Lose weight for those cats that are too obese, and improve their diet. Let them eat food with fewer calories. However, daily nutrition must be ensured. Proper intake of Omega-3 fatty acids for cats can reduce inflammation. The intake of Omega-6 fatty acids helps cats restore a healthy skin barrier.

2. Add a little wet cat food

Drinking water is very healthy for cats. Drinking water not only meets the daily needs of cats, but also improves the skin texture of cats and reduces the itching, shedding, and dryness. If your cat drinks less water, adding some wet cat food for your cat is also a good choice.

3. Comfortable environment

Avoid using chemicals around the cat and maintain a good ventilation environment. If your home is relatively dry, you can consider an air humidifier. Humid air will help cat’s skin be rich in moisture and reduce dandruff.

4. Use shampoo specially designed for cats

The use of special shampoo for cats can prevent the chemical elements in the shampoo used by humans from damaging the cat’s skin and causing the skin to fall off.

5. Ask the veterinarian

To find out the real cause of dandruff, you can take your cat to a pet hospital for an examination to see what the real cause of dandruff is.

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