How to get cats approach and like me

A cat is a very cautious creature. Unlike a dog, if you get close to a dog on the street, that dog will trust you immediately. But if you want to gain the cat’s trust and make the cat like you, you need to understand some of the cat’s physical behavior signals. To a large extent, cats stay away from you because you have behaviors they don’t like. This article will tell you a few ways to make cats like you

1. Place yourself at the same height as the cat

If you squat, lie down, or kneel down at the same height as the cat, you may appear less threatening. This may make the cat feel more relaxed in front of you and more likely to establish an intimate relationship with you.

2. Avoid direct eye contact

Cats are not like dogs. Cats do not like direct eye contact with you, because they will treat this behavior as a signal to intimidate them. In response, cats will become scared or aggressive.

3. Give the cat space

Just like humans, cats like to have their own space. Avoid moving, petting, or playing with cats while they are bathing, eating, drinking, or sleeping. Doing so will make them scared or irritable.

4. Food rewards

When you give the cat a favorite food, you touch him a few times and walk away. Do this repeatedly every day, and finally you touch him first and give him the food he loves. Cats will associate petting with good food, and gradually they will approach you and like you

5. Good environment

Cats are very sensitive to cleanliness, especially the cleanliness of the litter box. Clean up the cat’s litter every day to help him stay happy and healthy. This will make it easier for him to like you.

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  1. I get down on the floor, I roll and tumble and play. I am a feline, a creature of the night. I am a rolling breeze darting between your windows. I am lying in the sun. I am electric, orbiting my world. Attack, play, destroy, I know I am the better of two worlds. Shaking wings, muddled shrieks, brilliant red.

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