How to find yourself this 2021?

A year usually starts with a new year’s resolution like something you want to achieve, changed or improve. What if you don’t have any idea what do you want for that year? What if you feel lost or feel undefined? How are you going to know your direction for this year? Crazy right? Majority of people, if not all, feels the same way. I am feeling the same way.

2021 is still progressing but I am already losing the game.

2 thoughts on “How to find yourself this 2021?”

  1. My goal for this year is to extricate myself from the mob mentality madness that has permeated the planet right now and to focus on my family and young sons. For reasons known only to the universe, I have been mentally/ emotionally ‘sucked in’ to a place that is alien to me, where I never wanted to be, For what seems like a horribly long time, I have been walking through molasses, trying to get out of the darkness and back to the light. As you say, finding something lighter to distract and refocus my mind, even for a little while, helps on the journey. I know I will get there but the road is long, all uphill, and I’m not getting any younger. lol

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