How to Bathe a Cat Easily?

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The ancestors of cats came from the desert, and they didn’t like bathing by nature. The fear of water, the fear of the sound of water, the aversion to wetting the whole body, the aversion to the noise of the hair dryer, etc., made it more difficult for cats to bathe.

Why bathe the cat

1. In order to keep cats in good hygiene. Licking can’t replace bathing, and it won’t be as good as bathing.

2. Ensure the health of cat skin and detect skin diseases in time. After washing, you can detect abnormalities in the skin during the process of drying hair.

3. Ensure the health of people, reducing cat hairs fly all over the sky. Some cats are sleeping in the bed every day. Raising a clean cat is good for him and you.

How to bathe a cat


Cut nails


Fully wet the cat body first, and then applies the pet-specific bath lotion.

Different shower gels are used in different ways. Some are to dilute the shower gels with water, and some are to coat the cat’s hair directly after the body is wetted. See the instructions for details.


Knead the limbs, belly, tail, back, and top of the head in order. Because the limbs and belly are the dirtiest, we must first rub them.


Rinse the shampoo. You can open the shower head first when flushing. After the water temperature is OK, quickly stick the shower head on the cat, and then move it slowly, so that the shower gel can be completely washed clean, and the cat will not be annoyed by water sound. When washing to the head, you can wrap the cat’s ears with your hands to avoid water ingress.


Can repeat Step2 if it is too dirty.


The conditioner is very necessary because the body soap will wash off the cat’s body oil. The conditioner is equivalent to a layer of protective film on the skin and hair. The steps are the same as the body wash.


After rinsing, use a super absorbent towel to dry it immediately, the drier the better. The drier the cat and the shorter the drying time, the less chance the cat will catch a cold.


Use a high-power electric hair dryer to blow it. The windy one is better. If the temperature is too high, it will burn the cat. Cats don’t like too hot wind. You can turn on the hair dryer first, and then slowly move the hair dryer vent to the cat, from far to near. If the cat is very afraid of the hair dryer, you can keep the cat in a relatively small cage, keep the hair dryer away from the cat, and blow slowly. The distance is based on the cat in the cage without panic.

It must be 100% dry. Many people just think that 90% dry is enough, which can easily cause cat moss, especially for long-haired cats.

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