How much power? … could it possibly be?

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Traveling around the interdimensional multiverse can be tricky on the human mind.

But it also leaves the mind with thoughts/recalls of other dimensions where reality is very different than the perceived reality of our dimension as we best understand it.

Despite the complicated nature of this, I believe that some simple rules still apply.

The rule from the old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” still applies to the realities and inter-connectedness of the inter-dimensional multiverse.

In this reality that we are all experiencing at the moment, the world has come to a strange and highly unusual stop/pause.

Could it be in another dimension, political tensions became too great and the ultimate nightmare became true, with dangerous weapons having annihilated most of the people on their earth?

Do alternate dimensions exist?

Thoughts on Alternate Dimensions

How much power do the universal forces have over our lives?

Could it be possible?

And therefore… because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree could it possibly be true of this alternate dimension and could it be part of the reason why our dimension came to its highly unusual sudden halt?

I certainly hope that’s not the sake for the potential of we in the alternate dimensions.

But theoretically speaking, if so…

  • How much power do the forces that be really have over our reality?
  • And what/whom/how many forces are there influencing/controlling our perceptions of reality?

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  1. To be able to survive the transition from the event horizon of a black hole to what awaits at the other side is one biggest questions science has ever asked. It is beyond this point that all current scientific knowledge stops dead and we enter the realm of the theoretical! And theoretically, anyone attempting this feat would be spaghettified and never make the journey alive, but what if we could? Would we find that a black hole is a gate-way guarded by super dense gravitational forces that with the right scientific knowledge would allow passage through it?

    Emerging from the other side would we leave behind the physical laws that govern our known universe and discover a whole new set completely alien to us? Or would we emerge into a tangent universe from the black hole which we find is a cosmic open sore, a permanent tear in the fabric of space?

    In the worlds of the multiverse where any and every aspect of our lives are played out, all possibilities exist and we should never ever attempt to quash or poke fun at anyone’s imagination or version of what the universe really is, because somewhere, there is a version of you who knows.

    Great post, Ben.

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