How God look like

God is Sun like alive self illuminating light that nobody has seen but people deem him an alive star…it can heat on to melt mountains and eyes can’t see him..the way we deem him he becomes like…but God is self illuminating light of lamp that need no oil to burn

  • GOD is like lamp Chandelier in a Niche like a bright star whose light needs no oil to burn its self illuminating and alive that has created death as death actually has no existence we become spirit after death
  • My mother had a spiritual experience of meeting a white beard and dressed holy spirit…He said all that you will be mistaken
  • I had a spiritual experience in dream similar spirit escorted me to some city of lights circumference me or rotated me there and kept on communicating me I only remember he said they don’t deserve you
  • My dad visited a holy spirit in dream again that said him pointing He is infidel
  • That spirit had come in his youth pointing saying Its Zain
  • Spirit of my granny came in dream of my mother grappling her hand firmly and shaking it with strength will you take care of my son promise me and conveyed his message to his entire family and please don’t keep grudge against him
  • Granny came in dream of my Sarah sister she saw bones and skulls in her dreams
  • And that giant that died in road accident because of as they claim unknown orkut chatter…came in my younger brother dream as this was accident it could be mistake because of misunderstanding not intentional attempt.
  • That white old spirit is believed to be khider that come to guide misdirected people right from ancient times

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