How far would you go….to another state??

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Just recently, I went to get a test done where they drew my blood.  While I was there, I went ahead and asked about the newest information on getting the Covid-19 vaccine.  The first person I asked told me that they did them at the hospital instead of the clinic where I got my test.  Then, because that is how I roll, I ask another woman and she told me that they had information and handed me a piece of paper.

It turns out the piece of paper spelled out what the procedure was.  It seems, as you who read my previous article indicated that the vaccines now available are limited to those 70 and older.  I don’t qualify because I am “only” 67.

Then today, under the headline of “How Far Would You Go”, I read an article in our local paper about a woman who was over 70, and her husband had some pre-existing conditions making him especially vulunerable, as I do.  They live about 150 miles from New Orleans, but since their local medical facilities couldn’t get them the vaccine, they drove to New Orleans to one of our facilities and got the vaccine.

They indicated that if they had not found the place here in New Orleans, they would have been willing to drive to another state.   I have hope that when the age floor drops so that I qualify, I will be able to get the shots right here in my own town.  I would hate to gave to drive to another state, to a big city, I expect, in order to get it.

Hopefully it will not be neccesary.

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  1. If I were you…and your calendar is clear….ROAD TRIP it.

    My sons Tribe is already offering them the immunization. I am not from their Tribe so I am not on the “early” “Privlidged” list …ha. They of course are not going to get it but said they would call and see if I could take their spot. But I know how these Native American politics work……so I told them not too. I can wait for my legitimate time to come up. Plus…like I said I like the way another immunization sounds that has not been approved yet.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you ๐Ÿคž

    1. Yeah, I have no plans to drive to another state, was just presenting how things are going in my state. Fortunately, these were people that qualified by age etc, and it was a matter of finding a spot to get it. Sadly, they had to drive to New Orleans from whatever smaller town they lived in to get it at a health clinic that was originally set up for HIV/AIDS and then broaden to serving the general public.

      Louisiana is likely one of the “more backward” states about a lot of things, unfortunately, especially in fairly rural areas.

  2. I hope ๐Ÿคž that you’ll be able to get the vaccine sooner than later.

    For me, I’m do leery about receiving any type of vaccine. I had a bad injury from the flu vaccination that I had in 2017. It’s caused me to fear being injected as I want no further complications.

    Best of luck to you.

    1. I understand your concern, but I have never had that much trouble with any vaccines, the most being a small amount of discomfort and a little swelling for a day or so, so I am going for it as soon as it is available to my age group.

  3. Thankfully, here in the UK, being a much smaller country, the logistics are not as complex as those in the States. There are lots of local ‘hubs’ being established to administer the vaccine locally so people will not have to travel miles from their residence. The aim is set these hubs within a 10 mile radius – or less, so people can get their jabs without too much faffing about.

    1. Yes, in a smaller, more compact country, things are a bit easier to resolve. I doubt i, even living in a larger city, would probably have to drive close to 10 miles in order to get the vaccination.

  4. While I agree it’s a shame that people are finding themselves in this position, if I had those same risks, you bet 150miles wouldn’t keep me away. I’ve driven further for much much less. I hope you find this vaccine soon.

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