Hope is a wondrous magical thing
Take it away and with it goes everything
All light, all happiness, all peace
It all goes away

But preserve it and you preserve everything
You can withstand anything,
Stand up to the worst that life thows at you
Hold on when everything goes against you

You can withstand the pain of loss
And the hell of love lost
The worst the enemy can throw
Is but a pittance to the power of hope

It’s an amazing creature
It survives when all else is lost
It needs but a single spark
to preserve your life and sanity

It needs so little to survive
A mere possiblility is all it requires
It doesn’t need to be fed
It survives on it’s own

You can tell it to end
but until every possbility
is exhausted
It will never die

It never gives up,
It never surrenders
It asks no favors
It needs little feed

But it thrives on
a single chance
Just one is all it needs
One chance the key

They say hope springs eternal
I’m here to call them right
Hope never truly dies
Nor gives up the fight


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