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More and more I am seeing people in America running around carrying guns, (including nonpolitical friends and relatives), and driving around in these enormous, ostentatious black vehicles, people trying to appear menacing and threatening.

Honestly, what is this all about. Why does everyone feel so threatened by everything and everyone?

I live in the same country as all of you and I do not feel the need to even own a gun, let alone carry a gun with me at all times.

Realistically speaking, the majority of people running around all strapped up, feeling like you need to always display a defensive posture, have as much need for these arsenals you carry as a nest of termites need to be carrying baseball bats.

I have never in all my 64 years felt the need to own or carry guns..and I have had guns pointed directly at my face…

You create the perception of a need for this insecurity with your own thoughts and attitudes. You draw the potentiality for violence toward you in proportion to the energy you put into the world.

You are your own worst enemy more than anything external you feel threatened by.

And I am no wallflower.

I am an open supporter of Bernie Sanders, with his stickers and other similar decals and stickers prominently displayed on my vehicle. Also, I am disabled, and use both a cane and mobility scooter to get around. I am especially vulnerable.

Yet still I own no weapons other than the love in my heart.

And I go freely when and where I wish without fear, even with big black vehicles adorned with Trump anti-American fascist regalia

This is all because I do not allow anyone to convince me that everyone is out to get me and take anything from me.

And in no way do I feel like anyone is threatening my freedoms and liberty.

I do not allow anyone the opportunity to make themself wealthy or famous by influencing me to think and behave in ways contrary to my own interest.

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