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Happy New Year!

I hope this one is good! Not that last year was bad… no, it was! Lots of good things happened, I just failed to launch… so this year, I’m zooming!

Hello my dears, it has been such a long time! Man oh man…

I am no fan of WordPress but I’ll give here a fair go, I promise. I’m not sure yet what I’m going to be doing with this little corner of the net, am I just coming back to make noise, to continue what started before the old home went to shits or maybe to start something completely new? The same rules apply! If you don’t remember here’s quick refresher:

I, Harlequine, take no responsibility for anything being splattered, spat, coughed out at/on screens, keyboards, tablets, phones or whatever it is you are using. It’s YOUR side. If I offer you to grab a drink, it’s just because I care. The expelling was your doing.

Opinions are NOT like underwear. We don’t all wear the same pair so we won’t always agree. Get to grips with this or else prepare to remain silent.

You nice, I nice. You no nice, just be aware that I’m not only mean when annoyed but I’m also very very stubborn.

Oh! I was forgetting… I’m not an atheist, not agnostic and I am not religious either. When religions behave, I may just give them another read. Until then, I respect your beliefs so long as you don’t try to push them down my throat.

I thank  you very much, I hope you enjoy your time here and please don’t be afraid to comment. We DO have that still, right? I do love a good chat, even if I don’t know  you. Ah… another thing. I may use some fruity language at times, I apologise if I offend you, I will give a warning at the top and it won’t be regular.

Happy New Year Planet Earth, you and I are going to be covering some pretty fun subjects, I hope this is going to be as good as I think!

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