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For some years I’ve been on thoughts,
I can’t remember a lick of what I wrote
But I remember the people. 
There sits a picture on my nightstand
Of the people I knew once:
DS, Scotslad, Pauligan, Roe, Wayne,

The wonderful people of thoughts.
How long and short ago it was. 
With pipe in mouth I ponder the paths we all have taken.
Some better, some worse, some very far away, 
Nearly 13 years it’s been, I was a boy pretending to be a man,
who were you?

4 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I was a very sad person looking for purpose in my life back then. I was so blessed to have been part of the old days of thoughts. I miss everyone. I remember what you wrote very well. You put simple and complex thoughts into interesting rhymes and riddles. You were the most creative writer back then that I knew. I loved trying to figure out the thoughts pouring from your mind. I love you Ben and I have thought of everyone here often over the years. I am glad we found each other again. Hugs and Love.

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