Has it gone,

Is this really it

this place?!

This fucking place

These last remnants of the old ship

that led us to adventure

that forced us here

I think maybe that time is gone

where the sand is quick to sink

I think its gone

whats left is the last grasp at something gone

like laying back down

attempting to return to some dream

its fruitless

and i was younger

and crazier

and im older

and crazier

and waiting

and waiting

for some time

where some words will draw me in

can it be here, this netherworld

this poor excuse for a place

I think not

It wont fool me

its lost to the light

its dead

and the sad part is,

we cant bring it back

7 thoughts on “hmph”

  1. Time moves us all enexorably forward, we can never go back, only look back with memory. The people we are today are not the same as the people we will be tomorrow, time has moved us on. Nothing in nature repeats – it just seems like it does, and in an ever evolving but decaying universe, we are compelled to obey the entropic cycle and succumb to the inevitability of change, there are no exceptions.

  2. Everything begins, and ends in the mind. Everything. Before anything is created, the thought, the spark, begins in the mind. We can have an active mind, (perhaps over-active?), or we can be brain dead but as long as we give birth to the creations in our mind, as long as we keep giving our experiences, our creations, a little tlc and CPR even, then they stay alive. They are not gone, they are only tucked away in the file box of our mind for when we want to bring them out again and relive them, maybe even change them.

    Great work Ben. As always your words are inspirational, motivational and make me think. I like that.

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