Today I was talking to this lady online who was talking about how she had an issue with guys watching a certain type of porn and again, I felt echoes of you. I was telling her why she had that issue and where it was coming from. It was as plain as the nose on your face. She didn’t want to hear it though, she stopped replying to me. She responded to someone else though, and I saw that I was right! It made me happy – gotta love that that five year degree is being put to good use by seeing someone’s insecurities in the bedroom and how it’s holding her back from a romantic relationship.

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  1. A certain type of porn huh? Well, if the guy liked girls but was watching gay porn,,, then I could see her insecurities. But, if he was watching lesbian porn,, what’s the problem? Dr Ruth use to say, Fantasy was good, as was Role playing.

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