help, I am trapped in my house….

I found this little piece of fluff on another blog from 2017. 2017 and I was talking about being trapped in my house. I didn’t know what I was talking about way back then ……….obviously.

Wow, interesting day.  Fortunately, I have nowhere I actually HAVE to go today.I woke up this morning to rain sounds.  Well, not just rain, also thunder.  A couple of times, I got up, looked outside, said forgetabutit and went back to bed…and may do it again once i write this.

However I DID have to go paid the rent, so I ran out to do that, and was greeted by at least an inch of water standing on the sidewalk.  It looked like a small river and water streaming down the downspout from above, in what could be only be called in a torrential fashion.

I got to the office, and of course it was closed, except that one of the guys who seems to be in and out and all over doing stuff, was coming out of the office, and put my check on the desk, for a receipt that they always hand write out even when i pay with a check to be done and slide in my door later in the day….or week, or month. I did say, didn’t I, that this was a CHECK, we are talking about. Seriously, I sometimes wonder why they are so anally retentive about the written out receipt. Maybe it is just that I one of the few that pays with an actual physical check.

In the meantime, my shoes, which are gym type shoes, are soaked, and sitting in the doorway to dry, hopefully.

And being unaware like I usually am since retiring, because know I am retired and don’t have to DO anything, I am thnking I might need to check and see what the heck is going on.  Is there another hurricane that we are getting the fringe of….sounds likely judging by the downpour out there, that is STILL going on, but I don’t know.  

Oh well, except for food delivery tomorrow and trying to get a book from the library before Friday, and a few other things I really don’t HAVE to go anywhere.

It is close to an inch, maybe in some spots.  Right now that is enough to get our feet wet if we go out.  The sidewalks are 3-5 inches hight with water…but is this considered a flash flood?! No, not in New Orleans. Here is just a nice summer rain.  

Let’s hope you don’t end up hearing about your friend, Left Thoughts, floating on a crest of water down the street. Just joking. I hope anyway.

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