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Hello World

Hello World.

The last time I started a blog page, I believe I was 15. Yes, it is funny. When I was 15, I actually thought that people cared about my problems and my opinions on the “vast” world I thought I knew. Today, I am 21, married, and a full time nursing student ( I am in my last semester to get my ADN!). I have a wonderful husband. For those of you who frown upon the idea of getting married so young, do not be quick to judge. We have been through a lot.

I do not have the perfect grammar but I did pass college English while still in high school. That being said, I am usually aware of my errors but too lazy to fix them. I am sure you all have seen worse. I haven’t really decided why I have a need to share my opinions and feelings with strangers. Perhaps, it is relaxing for me. In my world, things get pretty messy. So here you have it, a girl with too many thoughts and not enough people to hear them. Hello. Stay Tuned.


2 thoughts on “Hello World”

  1. 21 and married? no judgement. Congrats on your working towards your nursing degree. One of my aunts and uncles were married at 18 and 19 years old and enjoyed 48 years of marriage before death separated them. Keep the faith of a long marriage,, work together to keep the flame of love burning. I wish you and yours the best.

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