Well, it has been a long time since I have been in thoughts, and tonight just decided to google thoughts blogs to see what came up. To my surprise, I found it had been revived. I am looking forward to writing, catching up with friends, and hopefully making some new ones.

For those who don’t know me, I am Jenn. I am back at teaching at a small Christian school. I teach 3rd /4th ELA and 2nd -7th Social Studies. We have been out of school since the beginning of March for Spring break and covid-19. We won’t be back until May, if we go back then. Until then, I am teaching my classes online —sort of.

With my newfound gift of not being able to leave the house, I am trying to learn to play the guitar and working on finishing up a quilt for a former student of mine.

Well, look forward to talking with you all. See you later.

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    I don’t know if we knew each other back in the day….but I am looking forward to reading your blogs.
    It’s a whole new world and finding new things to occupy our time is so important.

    Last I was at my mothers she was putting together an old fashioned quilting frame. The kind where you sit around it and everyone stitches over the chalk pattern? I use to love doing that when I was younger. Everyone sat around it and talked and laughed.

    1. I am not sure, but I believe our paths crossed on the old thoughts. I was Hope_Springs_Eternal back then.

      I machine quilt. I can’t do anything fancy, just simple easy stuff, but I enjoy it. It is kind of interesting how the things we saw our parents and grandparents doing are now the things we find ourselves doing to occupy time during this period of shelter at home.

      I am seeing more people canning, crafting and sewing, doing puzzles, knitting and crocheting, fishing and going for drives in the country. I hope when this is over some of that appreciation for things being a bit slower remains.

      I can’t wait to read your blogs and connect / reconnect. Have a great day. See ya later.

      1. YES…I remember your screen name 🙂
        It is actually nice to see people doing those things. Everyone if possible should be starting a garden.
        I took a few art classes recently to refresh my skills 😉 so I am going to pull my paints out and see what I can create. Also…going to dig through my books and start reading a few of the many I have piled around.
        I may borrow one of my sons guitars and start practicing.
        I am also going to practice making bread. THAT is one of my weaknesses. I just can’t handle my dough correctly.
        Thats Monday….now for Tuesday 😀

        1. Today’s plans are to do a walk / jog in place workout, grab a few groceries for lunch, then clean myself up and clean house. After that, I am planning to grade papers if my kiddos turn stuff in, practice my guitar, then sew some on a baby quilt I am making for a former student who just had a baby last month. Then sometime before bed, I will post my students assignments online for tomorrow.

          I am terrible at growing things. We would starve if we had to rely on me to grow our food in this house. Lol.

  2. hello jenn and welcome back to thoughts! learning the guitar sounds fun. i started learning it when i was around 12 but i broke my arm skateboarding several times and that was the end of the guitar. i’ve been working A LOT with too many projects going. but it was important to me to bring thoughts back. thanks for coming by…

  3. So far, I know 2 chords and can do 1 riff and starting to learn a second. I am doing this to settle my mind. Just strumming the guitar is relaxing to me, and after panic attacks started a week or so ago, I figured I needed to do something.

    I am glad you brought thoughts back. It was really funny that I found it yesterday after being away so long. A lot of great people were here and I got lots of great advice from people like Pastor Mike.

    This is a time when a lot of us need a community like the old thoughts was. Thanks again for doing this.

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