A hell of a time lately

Here i sit in the passenger seat doing a very good job of shutting up, even tho he has gone the wrong way thus extending our already long drive home.  Keeping my mouth shut is good tho   because anything i have to say would be laced in bitchyness.

You see , i recently moved in with him. It was a decision i came to almost begrudgingly.

** a little back story ***

We started off in a Master/slave poly relationship . Back in October His other slave decided to leave the dynamic so it been just us two since then .


Anyway, i was renting an apartment from my aunt. On short notice she told me i had to move. He offered for me to move with him.  I was hesitant bc we had been having some issues and i was afraid to take such a risk . He lived a hour and a half from where i was which would mean leaving my job as well. But in the end i decided to give it a chance .

It has been almost 2 weeks and …..i cry a lot. I wonder if i have made a huge mistake.  I have already put in my notice at my job and accepted a job closer to where i now live .

But i am losing my mind . He smacks when he eats. He is messy and lazy. We differ a lot on how we view things . He is 18 years my senior.  I have never lived with a man before . I am an introvert.  I am truely struggling. I have no idea how to proceed. How to find happiness here . How to not be a bitch .

To make things more difficult , my car is having issues and is now in the shop.  We are sharing his car. Not easy. The hr and a half drive to my job makes it difficult for us both. At least thats only for the next week .

I feel there are serval stories intertwined in this post.  But i just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Alice . He’s Jack. God help us both.


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