In life, there come certain points where you want to be heard. Although, occurring seldom, these times however, uncover the entire stack of emotions building within.

The packed, compressed emotions when lead out of their solitary have the ability of turning explosive.

This intense explosion unravels every bit of the agitation piled up during confinement. It has the power to blow up the virtues like aggression, supremacy, envy etc. and leave behind a wind of guilt that captures all. This traumatic explosion leaves severe wounds that aren’t possible to heal. Not even with time.

Therefore, value the choices of others’, respect their decisions and hear people out before you savor transgression, for you can merely interpret their situations, let alone live them.

Especially in a society like ours, where relating yourselves with terms like stress, depression, anxiety etc is still a huge taboo, it is vital to hear out your close ones. Unlike foreign states we aren’t privileged with rehabilitation and mental counselling. It is considered such a taboo if someone says, “you need help”.

Well, maybe, we all need help. Or perhaps, we all need to be more open. We need to create an environment where we talk our hearts out about topics that aren’t stereotypical, that are supposedly forbidden to be talked about.

Life is short and everyone is bounded by their own walls of morals, nobody is free. To some extent, it might be healthy to stay within bounds. but I think, we should be free in one thing; to speak.

The people around us, behold their own story -intense or not, good or bad- they all need to be heard, they all need to be valued. Let others speak. Give them a chance to let it out, let them be heard.

3 thoughts on “HEAR ME OUT, LET ME SPEAK!”

  1. Absolutely! Let it out…don’t hold it in.

    My belief is we should all be free to share our thoughts as long as our intention is not to be harmful.

    Sure, our thoughts may offend someone or hurt their feelings…it happens…but as long as we aren’t intentionally being hurtful…we should be free to speak our mind.

    Our society should also place more importance on mental health. It it seriously difficult to live with mental health disorders…for the patient, their loved ones, and those that must spend time interacting with the patient. Some days it feels downright impossible to manage another minute dealing with the seriousness of some disorders. I completely understand why there is so much suicide. We need to do more to help…and less to stigmatize. So many people fluff off the mental health treatments we have available, yet so many of the therapies work quite well once a patient feels comfortable enough to commit. However, who wants to participate in group therapy if they feel judged by the other members…or if they don’t feel confidences are held…is there even REAL recourse for repeating what is heard in group sessions. Though…group sessions with truly committed participants are wholly therapeutic. We have to do better as people.

    The best way to solve problems is to communicate. We can’t communicate honestly if we hold everything in.

    Great post!!

    1. thank you so much for the appreciation, your reply was right on. Its great to have people who understand the severity of mental health issues. The least we can do is create a comfortable environment for everyone and suport them with our words. Once again, much appreciated

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