Happy New Year 2021 in Advance and Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to Entire world with firm belief that world will kill Covid 19 this year…Best wishes for Joseph “Joe” Biden and great deal of applause for taking and surviving Pfizer and BioNTec Vaccination ..with a confirmation vaccine for covid has been discovered.

My God Lord of Abraham and Sarah is pure from want of wives Neither Begotten nor Beget He is neither reproduced and has no father nor he has reproduced a son or daughter He is Alone King of entire Universe That he is ruling running and taking care tirelessly He is omnipotent He is Almighty and can deform or mutate humans into a creature such as monkey or snake whoever impure his Arabic Bible he deforms them into a creature

The curse of people like me prove sharap or disaster for those who do not care or fear from God

Even their curse can result in your deformation or mutation of obstinate people

I seek path of those God has honoured and Rewarded not path of those He lead astray or wrath on ..

No doubt enemies of his last prophet are destined to be nameless generationless.

God Deform deviants into an other creature with single commandent

He activates all actors and factors towards directed way change with a single command and does so complete his willingness what he wanted.

God don’t sleep God is above 7 skies behind a protective shield even angels like Gabriel can’t cross

Angels are created from light and they are invisible to common sight They are captured in Camera visiting house of God Kaba And Palestine Aqsa Mosque

Dejin are invisible to human created from fire Devil is a Dejin cursed by God because he refused to prostrate Adam because he was created from fire and Adam from clay..then Eva was created from rib of Adam..

Arabic bible is last warning of God to deviant humans to follow straight path leaving radical ancestors ideologies as even Abraham can’t save Azar his father from wrath and tornment of God because he never left idolatry and idol making while Abraham positive reasoning made him monotheist so monotheists are most loved by God in these polytheistic liars world.

Gabriel is like a bird Azriel Appears as old white covered spirit captures the soul.

In heaven We are Caliph of God with a wish all our desires will come true while hell is abode of deviant people forever or until God wants

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