happy birthday

5th of may

lying in my bed

thinkin about things that i shouldn’t have

drank some coffee

with my favorite brownies

beginning to think

” wish i could leave me if i could”

distancing myself from everyone

too sad to cry

reminiscing about past life

and all my mistakes

felt tired

but told not to

burst into anger

but kept it inside

slowly turning numb


no one’s beside me

to tell that everything’s going to be ok

sometimes it gets blurry

you know, life

they said in the end it gets better

well, it’s not.

happy birthday.

5 thoughts on “happy birthday”

  1. I just watched an interview with Deepok Chopra and he said something that really made sense to me.
    “The unknown is the field of all possibilities, ever fresh, ever new, always opens to the creation of new manifestations. Without any uncertainty and the unknown, life is just the stale repetition of outworn memories. You become the victim of the past, and your tormentor today is yourself left over from yesterday.”

    He was talking about ….embracing the unknown…the future.

    I don’t know if this made any sense…..Just ignore it if it doesn’t.
    I want to wish you a Happy Birthday and welcome to Thoughts.

  2. Hi there! It does made sense, thankyou for sharing it with me. My bday has already passed, but thankyou. Also, i’d like to see the video, where did you watch it?

    1. The video I saw him say that was an interview he did on a PBS show. And I can not find it anywhere at the moment. BUT…..I found this on Youtube which he in a covers the process of relieving the past. Also…please watch more of his videos …I absolutely LOVE Deepok. If you can find his books.

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