Happy Birthday to me and my 36 years of life Achievements

My life had not been a closed book

From birth until this age this is a complete open book

A Blindly perfect athletic fielder

The wall Batsman

Combination of Off break Dosra and Leg break Googly bowler

Occasionally right arm medium seam bowler

Doutch Hockey offender and right out

Blocker at net man position in hard volleyball

Abiding obligatory rights of dad after realising concussion seriousness to my brain and mobilising resources for damage causing younger brother that always bullied me with his physical offenses that he capitalised from calamities fund and those calamities including 2010 flood and earthquake resulted from climate change or human scientific climatic control of earth. With HARP Satellite Technology that laser 70 km high round sphere of earth that causes earthquake Tsunami Rainfall thunderstorm and The last time massive rainfall world experienced was divine intervined and angels were caught in cameras sweeping clouds but soon after ultimate terminators with artificial intelligence took over control of earth climate with HARP technology successful experiments..

Dad survived liver cirrhosis from 2004 diagnosis until 2023 continued even with type 1 diabetes and blood pressure with finely administrated medication

I can’t eat over a certain limit at a particular time until now but digestion is slow but complete and I have to eat in chucks at intervals.

Thrice of my health ie mental physical sexual got offended but miraculously improved

When mom got endometrial cancer I invoked dad for complete surgical removal of perimetrium and mayometrium layer as cancer has yet not proliferated beyond these layers resulting after 3 years including supporting radiotherapy Her reports are normal.

My God gave fine reply to those worrying my mental health demoralising my capabilities and aptitude doubting my potential in becoming a divinely gifted medical practitioner

My younger brother crushed my fate underneath her feet stepped over my brain with concussion and for survival of my Dad’s generation I mobilised monetary resources for his son even God sent his claminities in wrath as a return but he capitalised flood relief fund for this catastrophe.

When they tried to deny my school of thought those attempting nations faced mutational torments into other creatures including a female pilgrim from faisalabad mutating into python decorating Khan’s tomb comparatively to last prophet PBUH and making faisalabad Manchester

Hence Khan’s school of thought is found mutational that’s warning.

Such incidents had started from Oman when a lady mutated into a kangaroo or monkey..

Hence those vulnerable and effected nations from torments manufactured and pandemic covid in misdirection propagating countries like China

As with climate change misdirected school of thought nations are facing calamities including 2022 flood and Noah rainfall

Actually mutational tormented nations inflicted Thunderstorms and Earthquakes n Tsunami to source of that dangerous school of thought causing torments to them…and They are Employing HARP Satellites along biomedical weapons such as cancer rays cardiac arrest currents blood pressure abnormality impulses Kidney failure rays and lab manufactured viruses such as Saarc Covid 19 Hepatitis A B C to all families. Premature Aging all these biomedical weapons are known as Biowar

As my school of thought has been fancied by God that had resulted in blessing of rainfall in past

Jews Christians Muslims Stars worshippers and people of gospels are given glad tidings their good deeds that right angels are recording will not be wasted if they believe in a monotheistic God his 124000 apostles dejinn and angels existence all four bibles and divine book they will have eternal abode and rewarded sustenance this glad tiding is given in the Goat verse of Arabic bible.

This verse unify and collect all four Abrahams religions at single platform.

Well I sing well

I am handsome

Concussive but intellectual

And my offender younger brother whose ways got cleared smoothly who even cashed in God’s tormented calamities was invested to monetarily uplift rest of his family Got Married to a FCPS Doctor has a son and half lac salary and one and half lakh his own wife salary..

This plot this sketch forced my concussive mind to quit


MBA wife

Migration to birth city

Migration to England

I completed BS BA HRM after 6 years

Got Banking Job

But concussive dyscalculia started getting evident

Erroneous postings filling of receipts and many such misconducts and inefficiencies reported

I got all targets but concussion turned worse with psychedelic drugs as initially concussive mind was defamed and stigmatised as addicted and psychedelic I still don’t know what cocaine morphine or even don’t know names of other drugs and I am only person in this world who don’t have even knowledge of drugs my siblings and other relatives may mask my attributes but I am original fancy of Almighty rest I faced punishment of Khipel from these relatives and acquaintances.

Lost Girl Friend during study and I had no illicit relationship with her as well

I was not tyre had fine erection and men feelings

Dad sold birth city home I had planned to resettle

My marriage with job holder lady was made impossible by defamation and stigmatisation.

I had punched HRM in 2011 and my siblings completed their education 11 years later than me

So far I have no son a younger sister a baby sister 2 brothers with their families

Education needs money but Almighty gave brain 🧠 to all humans free of cost so as brains acquiring capabilities my brain is just like self grown and self supporting bushes herbs 🌿 shrub these herbs 🌿medicated whoever tasted them

So as my capabilities to educate my son single handedly all of my own if resources did not fell short and money is not a barrier for him he will have same non concussive brain and health DNA as I was transferred.

I am addressing to nobody in this world I just unveild my inner world to let rest of world know how positive self communication reflect and obviously every child is a born scientist insane stay child until they depart they self communicate until Almighty Befriend him and intuit him with positive self communication he start reflecting

Medical Practitioners of my country are so capitalist and money 💰 baggers any patient that visit them instead of referring the patient to right specialist they bag their money and money for their pharmacy and medical Rap commission so right person for right job is a rare concept here..

They put health of their patient at risk by further belittling the small minds and not providing them enough information for their decision making

All school of thought is defender of each other from critics because of their common monetary interests and status goals.

Like recently my elder brother bronchial tubules narrowed and got complicated because of various doctors wrong prescription and complicated my elder brother’s bronchial health.

On my 36th birthday I am announcing my brain is gradually degenerating and I have no son sooner or later I may lose soundness of my mind I have to do all the tasks that my son was destined

I faced last extreme of Yazeediat Tyranny and declaring I am helpless before Almighty for any body’s reference for his salvation He will face balance of his deeds and expiation opportunities to answer knock of Almighty and please him

Before ultimate terminators take control of this planet and I lose soundness of my brain 🧠 I have naked Terminators and their technology..I have no fear because I will escalate to paradise in soul form…

Bag tightly your piggy banks 🏦 my homeland mates you will be knifed with them with all hotness the way you backstab your lossers as these are winners in paradise.

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