Happy Birthday Greyson!

Incredibly hard to believe my grandson is now two.  He had an awesome time with all the family and his older brother Levi.  His “Elmo cake” was the living end for him but when it came time for the singing and to blow out the candles… well it was a bit overwhelming.  We really scared him.  Lol  His mom had been practicing blowing out the candles for his birthday but again, too scary of all the candles and all he could muster was one blown out candles.  Big brother had to step in and “help him out”.  Funny thing is, now watching the video I made of the whole event, he keeps trying to blow out the candles on his own cake.  Maybe next year…  Lol

As for grandma, well, despite starting the weekend out with a fall, it was really pretty terrific.  We ate well (more food than we could ever finish in one weekend).  Played games “Catch Phrase” after the kids went to bed and swam and swam and swam.  The men of the family tried fishing as we were upstream of Buchanan Dam on the Colorado River but could get nary a bite on any line.  Oh well, maybe next year.

Hard to believe Vacation 2017 is in the can already.  I have to wait another entire year.  Where shall we go next year?  So many places to choose from…

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  1. Happy Birthday Greyson!

    Colorado is a beautiful place to vacation.
    I always feel lonely after spending so much time with family and going home.
    Im working on spending more time with them. But not too much 😉

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