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Happy 4th of July, hmmmph-sville…

today iI joined the family picnic, also a nephews’ 42nd birthday. As I arrived numerous people thanked me for “serving to protect our freedoms,” and i just had to hmmph and nod my head.

These are the kinds of people who take their lives, along with said freedoms for granted. Amongst them, 7 people over the age of thirty, and of those, five people over the age of forty. Not a single one of them ever voted in their lives, and none among them capable engaging a serious, informed political discussion even now.

It makes them all too uncomfortable, ditto religious discussions. They just do not know how to use their brains to process and evaluate information beyond planning a hunting trip or a yard sale excursion.

FROM mmy informed perspective as a veteran, I can not say that in my lifetime any foreign entity or military has ever even threatened our freedom, or tried to ” rest of our way of living.”

Every military action of this country in my lifetime has been about money and oil,. PERIOD. STOP.

And all these “Karens” we see lately running around destroying businesses, whining about masks and “freedoms,” well that bullshit, as well as all these people marching around in Army Surplus GI Joe co-splay costumes are also nothing to do with “freedom, masks,” or any of the other regurgitated nonsense they are spitting.

This is all, 100% about the toxic, sewage social media influencers and personalities flame baiting and emotionally manipulating the minds of people who are essentially emotionally insecure from the giddyup.

We have now, brainwashed anti-maskers, pro-hate, brainwashed zombies running around behaving like wild back alley mongrel mutts because someone asks that they wear a mask..

How brainwashed do you have to be before you can look at your own behavior and admit to yourself your brain has been hijacked?

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